Announcing the winners of the ‘I haven’t told you but I noticed’ contest

Typing i love you

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our contest. This contest was all about giving you the opportunity to put into words the gratitude and love you feel for your spouse/partner/girlfriend or boyfriend; to tell them you notice those little gestures that make a life together so beautiful! And you did so, with so much creative flair and heartfelt thoughts.

All the entries were a delight to read, but since we had to choose three winners, here are the results:

Malavika Roy Singh

I haven’t told you so but I noticed how you ate silently that three-day-old chicken curry yesterday so that I could get some time off from cooking. I notice how you gently take the baby away when I get overwhelmed with his incessant crying. I notice how you drop in texts late at nights from work, while I snooze, oblivious of them. I notice the small random acts of kindness that you indulge in for me, like holding the lift for me while I desperately run for it, or dropping and picking me from places I shouldn’t be, or even babysitting while I take a frenzied time out. I notice every time you take a peek, while I’m in the kitchen or at my laptop, to just make sure I’m around and happy. Your presence is what makes all these small acts every bit endearing and noticeable. Thank you.

About the contestant:

Malavika Roy Singh is a freelance content writer. You will find her juggling a toddler and a laptop or a writing pad. Homemaker during the day and a writer at night are how she would like to describe herself right now.

Piyush Kaviraj

I haven’t told you so but noticed how you often gently massage my neck and throat with mustard oil and wrap it in your dupatta while I am almost in slumber so that I don’t wake up in the morning with a sore throat, though you have always hated the smell and the stain of the oil, especially on your dupatta. And how you would leave a mug of warm water near my bed, so that I could drink it and relax my vocal cords, to be able to wish you in the morning in a normal voice. I would always pretend it never affected me and never expressed my gratitude and yet you would do it again and again, because you know, how poor I am, at expressions.

About the contestant:

Piyush Kaviraj is an author, poet and research scholar trying to become a better person each day. He enjoys politics and social service.

Tina Acharya

I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

The ‘mogra ka gajra’ you often buy at traffic signals

Hiding that glimmer in your eyes by not looking at me

To see some sparkles on my face as my eyes dance with glee

I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

That extra strip of ‘Avomine’ in your wallet

That often I forget to carry while we travel

To deal with my queasiness, nausea and upset health

I haven’t told you so but I noticed…

When you truss the straps of my chemise

Even when we are on the midst of the bitter fight

You unconditionally lend a hand to help me out…

Let me tell you…

I haven’t told you so but I noticed,

Whether it’s charging my power bank

Or getting a matching bangle for my new outfit…

The little things you do are real trinkets in my life…

About the contestant:

Tina Acharya is a blogger, social and political observer, lifestyle issues writer and an aspiring author. She loves movies, badminton, nature and is a poet at the soul.


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