Annoying things boyfriends do

Any girl who has ever lived with a boyfriend knows it’s not always a rosy picture. Boyfriends (boys in general for that matter) do the most annoying things that make us girls go crazy like hell. We are sure you can relate too.

Do you know when they slurp chai or coffee with so much sound that it makes even the most annoyingly noisy aunty in the neighbourhood run for earplugs?

They practice ‘how to perfectly aim for the laundry basket’ by throwing wet towels at us. Then the mess they leave on the bed, on the couch, on the floor, in the kitchen and everywhere in the house is always conveniently non-existent to them. Whenever we ask them to clean the room, they come up with one lame excuse after another, then another, and when they are finally at it, they do it all wrong.

Whenever they lose our toothbrush for the hundredth time or they hurl like sick monsters after drinking too much at boys’ night out, all the genius boyfriends have to say to us is that we are ‘overreacting’!

They ask for a bite from our food and gulp down half of it at one go.

Walking with these boyfriends on the road together means we girls have to slow run to match their pace. Boys, there is a difference between walking and running! They almost never listen to what we are talking about and their last resort to change the topic boils down to ‘sex kare?’

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