Are breakups really bad

Heart cutouts on pages of a book

I am one hell of an optimistic person. Reflecting back on my past I was wondering about the turning points in my life. We are humans and our basic need is love in every form. While parental love, love of siblings and that of close friends become our strength, the love from that one stranger overpowers us for as long as its there in our lives. We generally tend to invest a lot in it and that’s why when it goes away, the hurt is deep.

Breakups are a difficult thing to deal with irrespective of your age whether you are 20,30,40 or 50 and gender. The feeling of letting go of that one person is torturous. Have you ever noticed how many love gurus are out there whose online coaching and quick fix books thrive on the victims of lost love? They call themselves breakup experts. Your breakup is a reason they survive and its a multimillion dollar business.When you are heartbroken the only people who get benefitted are, fortune tellers, tarot readers and love gurus. These are third party people for whom your breakups are good. But there is another person who must get benefitted by your heartaches and that is you. I am not exaggerating, I am talking about my personal experience.

The first time I was heart broken I sulked a lot but after a point I realised I had to change something. I had to do something new and that’s when I worked hard to get in to management degree course. But my heart was always into teaching, so I continued as a teacher however my management degree helped me in handling administration efficiently and further led to my promotion. Later when I faced it again, I tried to change something in my career and managed to get an opportunity to work with a better and bigger brand which helped me earn well, gave me broader perspective. Since I earned well I could buy some assets and life was once again flourishing. But, like I said love is a need of every individual and when its not there in your life for long you tend to make wrong choices and so did I and suffered. Thats when I started expressing my thoughts through writing and later became a story writer for a website and found a new dimension to my life and now in a quest to do even better I am moving overseas. Even though everything that I achieved or the way I shaped my life is by me, a broken heart is there at the core of it that forced me do things I did. In the bargain, I am a better person today, had many opportunities to meet better people and made some really close friends.

When I see people sulking about their broken heart, I feel sad but how long can you feel sad about the same thing, someday you have to get up, take the reigns of your life in your hand and make changes for your good. It’s like, if you can’t laugh on the same joke again then why to tune your emotional radio to sulk repeatedly. People those who really love you, make their way back in life. There is no point in getting bitter about the whole love thing. I am eternally in love with everything. I don’t stress upon hating those who left me. They did what they felt was right and I kept leading my path. One needs to have bitter experiences to rise above obstacles. Use it to your good. Heart breaks need not take the best out of you, they can help you use the best of you.

Keep loving yourself, life and everything that brings smile on your face!


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