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Are Indians ignorant about their bodies and intimacy?

Sexologist, Dr Paras Shah, gives various examples of how deep the ignorance is in our country when it comes to sexual health and fertility issues
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(As told to Raksha Bharadia)

Sex is not a new thing in India. Vatsyayana wrote the Kama Sutra here. Our rulers had sexual images carved on the temples they built, both as decoration and as education. After several invasions from less liberal cultures, with destruction of those temples and attacks on women, it became a safety issue that women should be covered up and that sex was dangerous to flaunt openly. Since then it is a taboo subject. We have no sex education in this country, at any stage. The resulting ignorance has profound consequences.

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An affluent couple from Mumbai were not able to consummate their marriage even after seven years. They consulted several doctors to no avail. When they came to me, I just asked what position they tried: the wife kept her legs straight while the husband kept his legs open. I simply told them that the wife must keep the legs open and the husband must come between her legs. They were able to consummate their marriage the same night.

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  1. Most Indian men are not even aware that women also have orgasms; most Indian women share this ignorance because although they go from one pregnancy to another they have no idea that sex can be pleasurable!

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