Are meek wives really submissive?

The general notion about women in the earlier days was that they should be seen and not heard. Barring a Draupadi or a Noor Jehan, wives were generally content to remain in the shadows of their men and say yes to everything they said. Yes there were kitchen goddesses and strong-willed matriarchs, but they were exceptions rather than the rule.

However much the situation has changed now (for the better, thank heavens), some women have been conditioned so hard from their childhood, that they feel they must worship their pati parmeshwar. This is particularly true of less educated and financially dependent women. You find them everywhere, with their ghunghats or burquas and lowered eyes, following their men meekly.

But does meekness actually depict submission of the wife to the husband’s whims and commands? Does she really give up her desire to have her say or control domestic matters?

My guess is NO .I suspect these ladies are supremely talented in the art of fooling their husbands into believing that they are toeing the line. Behind the veil, they rule the hearth and excel in domestic politics, playing their cards carefully, pitting one family member against the other, and generally getting their way.

Well, can you really blame them? Denied all sources of legitimate power, the woman of the house resorts to subterfuge and politics to get her way. She feigns  meek behavior to please the male ego. But ends up doing her own thing!


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