Are you an extrovert in love with an introvert? Then this is for you…

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Are extroverts and introverts wired differently?

If you’re an extrovert, then you know that the world is built to suit your kind of people. The world expects us to speak up, get together in a big community, asks us to be one big family, all of which is based on the assumed existence of constant communication. And yet there are those of us who don’t like to do that. Who are wired differently? I’m talking about introverts, of course. The reticent ones experience interpersonal relationships and communication differently. Considering the way the world works, it is these people who are often misunderstood by people. This misunderstanding also flows into the way their romantic relationships are understood, and thus it is important that they are discussed.

Since the way introverts communicate is different from that of extroverts, a different kind of cha-cha ensues when they fall in love with each other. The relationship between an introvert and an extrovert is uniquely beautiful, and if you’re the extrovert, you are sure to notice the following things.

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You used to talk way too much

One thing that happens to most extroverts is that they realise how much they used to talk for no apparent reason in random situations when they start dating an introvert. Their excess chatter is brought forward due to the sharp contrast of the silence of their partner. They often learn the beauty of measuring their words.

You feel privileged whenever you go out

Introverts will put themselves in uncomfortable positions for their partner and going out happens to be one of them. They are often ready to hang out with a large group just to please you and that makes you feel loved and makes it even more special when you go out with them, thus making every date night out in the town an extra special occasion.

All the indoor dates

Your introverted partner’s comfort zone is a comfortable place to chill indoors without too many people. This invariably results in you both spending a lot of time together at one of your places. Which is great. Who is going to say no to making love, having breakfast in bed and then watching some Netflix? Netflix and chill indeed.

comfortable place to chill indoors
All the indoor dates
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You have learnt to appreciate silence

All the time spent together at home doesn’t mean you both are always talking. There’s a sense of comfort in the air, because with your introverted love you get to now enjoy the silence. It doesn’t always matter whether you are doing one activity together. It matters that you were around each other. Cohabiting one place together.

When you do talk to each other it’s all no-BS real talk

One of the best things about introverted people is that they hate small talk more than others. This means that they don’t ever waste time just talking about the weather. Talking to them has to be purposeful, and thus your conversations tend to be deeper than other conversations you’ve had before. They go past all the bullshit and directly get to the point. They might not deliver monologues, but they’ll want to listen to you talk about your life in detail, and they’ll remember for sure.

You feel witnessed

Since introverts keep quiet in groups or in general, they end up observing and noticing more than others. They remember small silly details that make the insignificant significant. They bring you your favourite food out of the blue. They might not say I love you out loud, but their actions will speak louder than others. When they remember how you take your tea or your favourite quote, you will feel truly witnessed in the relationship and this is what makes them amazing partners. They tend to not go around yelling from the rooftops that they love you, but they don’t always need to. Their love is like the Olympic flame. Ever burning and present.

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You learn to be more sensitive

When an introvert is in a relationship, they don’t always talk about what they feel or what they expect from their partner as openly as extroverts do. Being with an introvert requires patience and attention. They might not repeat what they want or might not express if they are hurt and you will have to notice and be sensitive to the way they talk and express. It’s like learning a new language, but this sensitivity travels into other parts of your life and makes you a better person.

couple smiling
You learn to be more sensitive

Loving an introvert is a precious experience, as it improves the way you look at the world and teaches you the grace that is found in the silent moments of life.

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