Are you ready to Invest in “THE PROMISE?”

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8yrs ago I had not imagined that a simple geek looking man would change my world. Hadn’t imagined that even after spending years with him he would still make my heart skip a beat.

So much has changed in last 8 yrs., but one thing remains the same. My belief in love. I still believe love is the most powerful thing in the world. I have realized marriage isn’t about finding the right partner or having enough money or being parents to kids. It’s only about one thing-

How much you are ready to invest in it and in yourself.

Yes, in ourselves too. As the saying goes a happy lady, has a happy married life. Marriage or relationship with your own self requires hard work and the more you invest in it, the greater are the returns.

My 8 years of experience says whatever, you do enjoy it. Give time to your own hobbies/career. But at the same time, keep your family/husband on the top of priority list. Here is my list for a happy married life, which is indeed working for me-

1. Prioritize your relationship.

2. Focus on your and your partner’s growth.

3. Play with each other and not against each other (We are a team).

4. Give each other the gift of quality time-Happy memories of togetherness.

5. Respect your partner more than you love him/her.

6. Say “I Love You” as often as you can.

7. Get away from the scene when you are angry. Remember to forgive each other’s mistakes and don’t let the past affect your present.

8. Learn to say Sorry and Thank You.

In a nutshell, I would say we always remember the promise to never give up on each other.


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  1. Very well put. Congratulations on finding the ingredients to your perfect relationship. But each relationship is unique and the ingredients may vary accordingly

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