My arranged marriage is not working out but our families want us to reconcile

He is unstable and lacks maturity
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Hello ma’am,

I am 34 years old and got married an year ago. Though it was an arranged marriage, there have been a lot of differences of opinion with regard to customs between my family and theirs. And moreover, my husband is educated but still believes in old school things. I have coped and managed. His mom has an obsession of cleaning, so in spite of doing the best, with a helpless mama’s boy, things have turned sour, leading to a bitter spat resulting in separation.

Personally also I have not had any good relationship with my husband in terms of companionship, as he eventually developed a lot of hatred, anger and resentment towards me.

I expected him at 40 to accept me as I am, but he displayed a lack of maturity and sensibility in handing this.

After the separation, with efforts of family members, a reconciliation has been arranged.

Personally, for the time I have spent with him and his inherent nature, I really do not think I will have a future with him and I don’t want to. This might sound stubborn, but it is what I have become even if it means to face all fronts alone in future.

I am not sure if I should give it a try or stick to my convictions.

Please help.

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