As his marriage went stale, he found her through the computer

(Names changed to protect identities)

His marriage was getting stale. Don’t ask me how. I am not a psychoanalyst to describe it to you in fancy words. If you want a simile, it was like one- or two-day-old bread. He needed some excitement in his life and that did not mean just a layer of butter on his slice.

He was a successful businessman and his wife was a good-looking and mature lady. Everything was perfect, or rather, in my opinion, more than necessarily perfect.

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His work now demanded more than a typist. He had to communicate with people online. He bought the latest computer and hired the best boy in the town to teach him how to use the tool. Along with his computer and the Internet facility, he could communicate and send details to his customers very fast and he became practically obsessed with the machine. His wife would think it was just his workhorse and he was riding it successfully. Business increased. All said and done, his desire for sex had diminished because of him spending his late hours on the machine.

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In his late night shifts he discovered Yahoo chats

Then during the course of his late night shifts he discovered Yahoo chats. He was enthralled with the prospect of chatting with young ladies through the machine. It was a new experience for him. Very soon he got bored of the casual chat and wanted a better and intimate relationship.

That was when he met Laxmi, in a chat. They exchanged information. Both were married, but Laxmi’s husband was a shipper and used to be away from home for eleven months in a year. He was married but declared his marriage was stale. They exchanged their views on different subjects and enjoyed jokes.

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The paradox of the relationship was that they discussed another subject vehemently at that time. It was ‘The Art of Living’ and ‘Sudarshan Kriya’.

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Both minds were definitely disturbed in their own individual ways and this seemed to be only the connecting point, sharing a concern which had no connection with their actual selves. She had her issues with her husband and he with his business.

Until one day they decided to meet. Both had talked about themselves so much that they were close enough to be lovers from the day they decided to meet.

They were close enough to be lovers from the day they decided to meet.
They were close enough to be lovers from the day they decided to meet.

She invited him to her house. The first few moments were awkward but she offered him a drink and after a couple of shots of vodka, there was no need to be informal. They just got close to each other and hungrily devoured each other. After some time they began again, kissing, licking all the new things for each other, newer tastes, newer smells and musk of sex and excoriated nail bites and teeth bites.

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This was the first time and the desire enhanced and escalated when they met more and more.

Until one day he received a call from her. She did not want to have anything to do with him anymore. It was two years later and the warmth and passion of sex was flickering. It was better than the candle of falsehood being blown out by someone else. There were other distractions now for both of them.

He understood. He understands. But he never forgets. Was it love? Or was it just a fascinating experience?

(As told to Abhijit Gadre)

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