Sex and Passion

Ask and you shall receive! A guide on why women should not shy away from sex

Why should it always be the man who makes the first sexual advance? Why can't it be the woman who shows her desires?
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When he leans in to kiss you how many times have you offered your cheek instead of your mouth? Countless times, right?

As a nation, our women are never depicted to lean in towards the lover. The woman is always shown as looking away, rather than looking into the eyes of a lover. We naturally took to this popular notion of romance where the hero is hungry for a glance of the woman, and the woman is seen either shutting her eyes with quivering lips or right when the moment comes where she has to embrace the man, she looks away or just lowers her eyes.

To look away was seen as the ultimate romantic gesture a woman could make.

To be coy and shy, to be trembling and closed, was the most passionate a woman could ever get. I don’t remember seeing any leading lady saying, ‘Pehlu mei aa jao’, or ‘come, let me embrace you’. Did the cinema makers or art makers further their own outlandish notions of patriarchy or were they traditional boys, trying to depict what they learnt while growing up?

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  1. Really nice one!

    Ladies, please start following your instincts, just do not do those things that society think is appropriate. It’s time to come out of your shell!

  2. Yes Priya, thank you for the read. Change is an integral part of life, but evolving must never stop, and if this area of our life too calls for us to evolve then, so be it, isn’t it!!

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