Singing is something that I have always loved doing. I am trained in classical singing too.

Complications in my pregnancy has restricted my physical activities. I regularly sing songs these days to keep myself cheerful.

A few friends have been motivating me since a while now. They think I should start my own YouTube channel where I could sing Bollywood numbers & upload them for everyone to hear.

At first, I rejected the idea. I am the one who thinks twice to even share my personal pics on platforms that don’t offer security or safety of any sort where I know they won’t be misused.

But a part of me definitely wants to do it. A part of me is excited. I even spoke to my hubby about it who still hasn’t said anything in this regard.

Even I am having second thoughts now. But I think it’s still a far-fetched thought.

For starters, I will have to get back in the groove. Singing for your own self is a different thing, while singing on a public platform another.

I am still not mentally prepared to sing for the masses though I have sung in public (in front of relatives) a few times.

Singing is like elixir for me. I feel incomplete without singing.

But as of now, a new phase beckons. Motherhood awaits.

Everything else can wait.


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