I am a Capricorn and can astrology change my luck with GPSC interview?

by Vrunda Prakash
Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial object

I have been selected for the GPSC (Gujarat Public Service Commission) interview but the process has been stopped now. But this is the not the first time something like this has happened. Every time if I get a chance in any interview by giving an exam I end up facing some hurdle. The interview is cancelled in the last moment, some other thing happens or I fall ill. I really don’t have a good luck. Can astrology help me? What career does a Capricorn enjoy?

Can you please tell me what’s going to happen in my future with the help of astrology?

My birth date 10.12.1986. Birth place Rajkot, Gujarat. Birth time is 10 am. I always land up in some kind of trouble and there is always an issue when it’s a government job.

At the age of 32 I cleared the GPSC exams and got a call for the interview then everything got stalled and now the process has been stopped. Is my Capricorn career horoscope bad?

Will my luck change? What should I do to change my luck?

Please guide me in the future.

One major use of astrology can be to help the native understand what career would suit him/her the best.
Dear Lady,

Luck and spirituality can be determined by astrology. As a Capricorn we can forecast your career options. I made your horoscope. Your Lagna is Makar. Generally a government job depends upon the Sun. In your horoscope, Sun is with Saturn and in the 10th house Venus is very good it is Swagrahi. So you can do better in diamond or any beauty products or any other such fancy thing. Fancy is the word when it comes to your career options.

You have a Devil’s Card according to Modern Astrology

House of luck in astrology is important. I also drew your card on your behalf and the card that card came of THE DEVIL. That also explains why your luck is not on your side most of the time. But that does not mean you will not do well in life. As I said there are avenues where you will excel. So you need to try your hands at other things.

As a Capricorn you will excel

It is commendable that at the age of 32 you have cleared the GPSC exams but since the whole process has been stalled do not sit around and waste your time. Try your hands at something else and you never know it will unlock your good luck.

Wish you all the best

Vrunda Thakkar



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