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Ataraktos- Tranquility

I have seen your eyes filled with passion and burn with desire. I have seen the naked animal that sometimes wants to devour me and sometimes cherish every inch of me. The sensual you and the passionate you.

But the look that had me transfixed was none of the above. It was the contentment on your face as you flung your leg across my body to fall asleep.

Its not just the igniting look or the magical fingers that make me melt…..but what evaporates every thought from my head is the flung arm on which I can cuddle and sleep whole night. The way you draw me in, to nestle against your shoulder the whole night is far more touching than any orgasm you can ever give me.

One day, possibly, I could sleep whole night wrapped in your arms. Right now I am fighting every moment of sleep, because this is not something I am missing even a single moment of. Some moments are just too precious to describe. Let me cherish them and absorb them and store them.

Thank you Darling, for giving me back so many beautiful things that I had even forgotten even existed.

PS. This is more so precious for me, having finally pulled myself out of 2 decades of abusive and cheating marriage. More than a decade of no physical relationship or even a tender touch.

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