Renica Rego likes to pick up and dwell on the subtle nuances of life, or even people. She almost always finds the allure in the crevices. When not writing, she can be found buried in a book, lost in music, getting misty-eyed over a movie scene, cooking, improving her photography skills, or inappropriately obsessing over some random stuff. In between nurturing her passions, she lives and share her experiences through her blog:

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How Forgiving An Affair Stopped Me From Killing Myself | Bonobology

When forgiving an affair stopped me from killing myself

Renica Rego
Renica Rego
Posted on : 08 Sep 2016

Life could have been a withered mess but my spiritual journey gave me the courage to find acceptance and peace

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A Couple Stops Fighting & Takes Flight In Marriage | Bonobology

From exasperating to exemplary in marriage

Renica Rego
Renica Rego
Posted on : 03 Jul 2016

A marriage that was constantly fraught with fights, but then took a leap from skepticism and strife to love and magnanimity. Read Renica Reg...

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