Born and brought up in a Bengali family of Kolkata, Sampurna enjoyed reading classics as a child. Chasing her passion, she later went on to earn a degree in Literature from University of Delhi. A digital marketeer by profession, she is passionate about food, travel and photography; she also takes interest in a myriad topics ranging from politics to philosophy to relationships and women issues and frequently writes about them. She lives in Delhi. Twitter - @SampurnaMajumde

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A Love Story That Could Have Been | Something About Him | Bonobology

Something about Him

Sampurna Majumder
Sampurna Majumder
Posted on : 21 Aug 2016

Casual date, strong connect, oodles of conversation over pint sized bottles….and then?

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Rejected By The Arranged Marriage Market, She Still Rises | Bonobology

Rejected by the marriage market, she still rises

Sampurna Majumder
Sampurna Majumder
Posted on : 25 Jul 2016

A single woman in her early thirties who, despite rejections, has not lost hope in love, marriage and humanity

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