Sid Balachandran is a telecommunication engineer who is now a work-from-home dad. When not running after his four-year old son, tripping over LEGO blocks, or picking out food from his hair, he writes about fatherhood, relationships, fiction and satire on this blog, which recently won ‘The Best Personal Blog in India’ award.

Articles by Sid Balachandran

Formula for a Happy Married Life | Bonobology

Our secrets to marriage and happily ever after

Sid Balachandran
Sid Balachandran
Posted on : 28 Nov 2016

It’s not easy and it’s no fairy-tale, but there are some things that work for building a successful relationship

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His First Celebration Of Diwali With His In-Laws | Bonobology

When his in-laws showed him the true soul of Diwali

Sid Balachandran
Sid Balachandran
Posted on : 28 Oct 2016

He’d always thought of Diwali as an occasion for extravagance and showing off but his first Diwali at his in-laws’ place showed him the real...

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Marriage Advice For Making It Through Having A Baby | Bonobology

Our Marriage Survived a Kid

Sid Balachandran
Sid Balachandran
Posted on : 02 Aug 2016

Is having a kid one of the most stressful periods in a marriage? And what can a couple do to make ‘me-time’ in between diaper changes and sl...

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