Janani Rajagopalan is a chirpy optimist, who wears her heart on her sleeve and has a perennial grin stuck on her face. She believes in cherishing life, love and everything in between. She lives by the motto "learning is a life-long process" and that you learn from every new experience you have, every person you meet and every passing phase of your life, provided you take cognisance of it.

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Divorced Couples United As Parents | Bonobology

Divorced as a couple, united as parents

Janani Rajagopalan
Janani Rajagopalan
Posted on : 11 Oct 2016

Even when the marriage has been dissolved, it is important to present a united front as parents, says this mother of two

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Love & Marriage Lessons In Terry Towels | Bonobology

When Terry Towels Teach us a Bit About Love

Janani Rajagopalan
Janani Rajagopalan
Posted on : 17 Aug 2016

A simple but inspiring anecdote from the married life of this couple has a lesson or two for the all of us

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