Commander ‘Jae’ Rajesh is a retired officer from the Indian Navy who loves the outdoors, has travelled and trekked extensively, skydived, and whitewater rafted. He is a fitness aficionado with a passion for photography and music and is settled currently in Hyderabad with his wife and two sons.

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What Men Want from Women | Bonobology

What men want from women

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 07 Dec 2016

Don’t fall into a rut of familiarity; keep up the mystery

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Platform No.7 & My Tryst With Love: A Short Love Story | Bonobology

Platform No. 7 and my tryst with love

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 19 Sep 2016

An interesting love story, the journey of which, by a strange coincidence, involved several modes of transport

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Difficulties In Marriage Due To Job Loss & Anger Couldn

A good marriage helps tide over tough times

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 15 Aug 2016

By looking beyond my barbs and temper tantrums that were an outcome of a ‘no-work’ phase in my life, my wife became the calm I was looking f...

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