Saheli Mitra is a mother of a 13-year-old boy, married to her childhood friend for more than 15 years. She is a gold medalist from Calcutta University in Zoology and did her M.Phil. in Environmental Biology. She loves travelling and writing verses.

Articles by Saheli Mitra

The Affair After Marriage That Saved Me & My Son | Bonobology

You may call me unfaithful

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 08 Aug 2016

But I was faithful to my needs and desires, and to my son who needed a father figure, says Mona Ray

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Bonobology | A Modern Draupadi | Loving Two Men With Consent

A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 29 May 2016

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with ...

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Surrogacy and adoption as ways to grow the family | Bonobology

Why I decided to go for surrogacy or adoption despite being able to give birth

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 03 Mar 2016

Saheli Mitra talks about the justification for and social challenges in trying alternate ways of growing the family instead of giving birth

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Finding Your Soulmate In Your Best Friend Who Helped You Date | Bonobology

From helping me date other boys to being my husband

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 09 Feb 2016

Saheli Mitra relates her life story and what happens when your best friend becomes your husband.

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