By day, Jamshed V Rajan (also known as Jammy), is Director - Products, India, at Nimbuzz and by night he is a wannabe stand-up comedian. He blogs about his wife and life (and in recent times, his 3-year-old daughter too!) at

Articles by Jammy

Raksha Bandhan Festival & Why I Dread It | Bonobology

Does Rakshabandhan scare you?

Posted on : 16 Aug 2016

Does this festival have an ‘other side?’ Perhaps, it does, says our humourist Jammy

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Bonobology | Similarities Between an Indian Wedding & a Blog Camp

The similarity between marriage ceremony and blog camp

Posted on : 27 May 2016

What similarities does Jammy find between a blog-camp and a marriage celebration? Trust him to find some really rib-tickling ones!

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Sometimes, all it takes is a light hearted approach to solve the most complex issues in a marriage

Of love, cartridges and razor blades

Posted on : 29 Apr 2016

Maybe, marriages are made in heaven but on earth, they are a high maintenance affair. Blogger Jammy, in his inimitable style, gives us the i...

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Get Lucky Tonight? | Bonobology

Is tonight the night?

Posted on : 17 Feb 2016

Making out takes a comic turn in our author Jammy's life.

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