Abhijit Gadre

Abhijit Gadre is a professional tea taster and blender of repute. He is also a poet and a story teller, published in different languages. Recognized as a thinker.


जब जीवनसाथी से मन उचटा तो इंटरनेट पर साथी ढूंढा

(पहचान छुपाने के लिए नामों को बदला गया है) कोई बेहतर शब्द नहीं है विवरण के लिए, इसलिए कहूंगा कि उसकी शादीशुदा ज़िन्दगी बासी हो रही थी. कितनी बासी, मैं किसी मनोचिकित्सक की तरह नहीं बता सकता, कितनी बासी, मैं किसी कवि की तरह कोई दिलचस्प उपमा भी देने में असमर्थ हूँ. हाँ, मैं ये …

जब जीवनसाथी से मन उचटा तो इंटरनेट पर साथी ढूंढा Read More »

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game of chess

Sicilian Defense

If one has to write on Golden Rules of Marriage one has to eat the Delhi ka Laddoo. My marriage shall complete forty years this year in the month of December and even if I were demented I shall remember the date. Usually even the old, those nearing the 100 also remember their marriage date(one …

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Ajeeb dastan hai ye

If I need to blog in Bonobology, I could have started with my favorite subject of ethology where there would have been the relation between human nature and monkey habits but soon it has started thanks to Team Bonobology I have come to a conclusion that I would relate it to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARgRNoORO4A. There …

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