Antara Rakesh

Antara Rakesh is a daughter, a mother,  a wife and a true friend. She has an MBA and a prestigious ACII degree from London. Prior to marriage she worked in Dubai but chose to leave all for her best friend, now husband. She’s formally trained in Indian classical music, loves freestyle dance, writes pieces on life, its truths and philosophical poetry. She wishes to make people see life differently by penning down the real-life experiences around her.


जब मैंने अपने ससुराल वालों को खुश करने की कोशिश करना बंद कर दी तो मैं अधिक खुश रहने लगी

‘ससुराल वाले’ शब्द आपके गले में अटकी एक डली की तरह होगा और आप समझ नहीं पाएंगे कि उसे निगलें या उगलें। और मैं, मैं विशेष हूँ क्योंकि जहां अधिकांश लोगों के एक सास ससुर होते हैं, वहीं मेरे पास तीन-तीन सास ससुर हैं। पहले मेरे पति के माता-पिता, फिर उनके ताऊ और ताई और …

जब मैंने अपने ससुराल वालों को खुश करने की कोशिश करना बंद कर दी तो मैं अधिक खुश रहने लगी Read More »

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blueberry cheesecake

The blueberry cheesecake

Like many, my partner isn’t great in the kitchen department. So he is ideally a better co-chef in a no heat/no bake nature of dish. Hence in our case, I shall choose the BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. For starters , the hot climate in my city makes us yearn for cold, body cooling food items and both …

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Couple hugging

The Birthday Morning

She had decided to stay at office for an extra hour after the meeting announcement. He noticed she wasn’t leaving and so decided to stick around for a while too. To ensure it didn’t become obvious to all others, he quietly exited office, bidding adieu to all before leaving for London. There were still a …

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The most beautiful morning of their lives was here!! Office started at 9 a.m, however the clock seemed to take much more time before it struck nine today The impressive office towers she felt privileged to work at were visible before her finally. She parked her car and walked dreamily towards her office lift and …

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The Fusion Reaction

Locked out and heart beating at triple his usual heart rate! He was just a few steps away from holding the love of his life telling him she loved him too!! But! Damn this door! Damn him! If only he could have delayed his exit by another couple of moments! Five minutes had passed while …

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happy couple

A touch of life!!

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] So here I am, writing a blog on life at just 30!! What I had ideally imagined and planned to be doing some 45 years from now, with shaky hands, grey hair, heavy glasses, my grandchild and I shedding our teeth together. but like my life, nothing really happens as planned! So what …

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Couple kissing

What after the Lift gates opened?

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] What had transformed into a love lift for the last 50 seconds finally got down to G level and the heavy gates opened up to much of their exasperation. They had just survived a major showdown and then experienced a beautiful state of trance in the lift journey. Both experiences were extreme. The …

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