Antara Nandi

Antara Nandi is an engineer by default, a passionate writer, a poetess of love, an active blogger, a compassionate counselor and a paid proofreader. At 21, she hopes to be much more. She empathises with any being on this planet and dreams of making this world a better place

Fairy Tale Turned Nightmare

I still remember those golden afternoons, lit with her smile and love. For the world, she was a shy and coy girl but for me, she was someone who did not like breaking our long tight, love-filled hugs. I knew I loved her since school yet fumbled when she came across or rather it was …

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Not a normal family!

I have reached this point of life where, I have realised that family is not only the people you are related to. Family is not the ones who stay under the same roof and share a few things in common. Home is where the heart is, they tell. Therefore, family is those people with whom, …

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Lady arguing

Trying to please my boyfriend’s mother

“All I wanted was for my boyfriend’s mother to accept me. But she believed that girls like me were only supposed to be girlfriends and not daughters-in-law.”

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