Dr Prashant Kumar Shukla

Walking on an empty road

To Walk With!

It’s never easy to walk alone and it’s harder when someone left you in a middle of road. Moving on is never easy and it’s harder when you broke up with someone you loved with everything you had. What people don’t understand is that giving lectures won’t help, it never did and never will. When …

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Happy Endings!

Well what is your idea of happy endings? For most of us is when the perosn concern win or situation ends as what they want. Isn’t it? For example, we find it happy ending when the story end with their lead character living together happily. But my question is this the right definition of happy …

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Is It Necessary?

Many people believe that I’m an extremely extrovert kind of person, who doesn’t find it difficult to step up, take the mic and face a crowd. But a very few people know the real me, the introvert one, who find it difficult to even say hii to a new person. By profession I’m a doctor …

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Not Everyone Deserves You!

This world is a big carnival, where we see varieties of rides, games and food items. After entering carnival, we can enjoy any ride we want, play any game we want and eat any food we want. We are not bound to use all the things present at the carnival. Same applies in the life! …

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Do You?

Do you remember about our park? The one where most of our time spent? Where all our fights were resolved? Where most of our kisses happened? Where we talked from sunrise to sunset? Yes, that one! Every time when I cross our park, I miss you. Do you? We were not together for the much …

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