Ipsita Nathak

Ipsita, a dreamy-eyed bipolar Piscean, is a communications professional who currently juggles work with household chores and humour keeps her sane. Writing, music, cinema, photography, cooking and travelling comprise her core passions, while her two-year-old keeps her on her toes. An avid social networker, she believes her online sojourns are a window to the world. Her writings are a reflection of her simple yet vivacious personality.


तीन पुरूषों से प्यार करने पर क्या मैं अनैतिक हूँ

मैं रोहिणी हूँ, एक पत्नी और दो सुंदर बच्चों की माँ हूँ। घर बसाने से पहले दो विवाहित पुरूषों के साथ मेरा संबंध था। मेरा पहला पुरूष, सिद्धार्थ, मेरे जीवन में तब आया जब मैं 2004 में दिल्ली में रहती थी और कार्य करती थी। हम कार्य पर मिले। उन दिनों मैं एक पत्रकार के …

तीन पुरूषों से प्यार करने पर क्या मैं अनैतिक हूँ Read More »

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How Having A Baby Changed Our Sex Life

Couples are getting candid about how having a baby affects their sex life. Here’s a mommy telling you how she managed, and how we all can find a way

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Am I immoral for loving three men?

She had two affairs with married men before her own marriage, and is still in touch with them. Although she’s not unfaithful to her husband, she loves all of them

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