Lekha Menon

Lekha Menon is a journalist who thought she had made a difference but was practical enough to realise she hadn't. A closet romantic, she is accused of being a cynic but she believes she is a realist.

Leaving marriage for affair partner

Leaving Marriage For Affair Partner

Leaving a marriage for an affair partner doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after with the new partner. These 9 complications can get in the way

signs your husband is planning to leave you

14 Signs Your Husband Is Planning To Leave You

As a feminist, I wondered why would any woman want to hold on to a man who clearly has no interest in her but then the heart works in mysterious ways. What was left unsaid by my friend was this: ‘My husband wants to leave me but I still love him and want to do everything to prevent this from happening.’

Manipulation in Relationships - Subtle Signs You Are A Victim

Manipulation In Relationships – 11 Subtle Signs You Are A Victim

A manipulative relationship almost always has two aspects – the bully and the bullied. In most cases, the manipulator plays mind games, sends his or her victim on a guilt trip, cooks up stories to justify his or her stand and then uses situations to his or her advantage.

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