Neha Tambe

Neha Tambe is a freelance Digital Media Marketer, a writer and a mother of two. A traveler at heart looking for new places and new experiences, she\'s no expert on life and relations but has learned and inferred a lot from what she sees around her.

Golden Ring

What is Love?

It was time for their weekly meet-up and Chavvi was super excited. She had to share this with her friends. She raced up to her bike and wore her helmet. As she reached the coffee shop she saw two of her friends were already there. She waved at them and quickened her step. Just as …

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couple holding hands in restaurant

She thought they had nothing in common, but he proved her wrong

They say opposites attract, but is it true, especially in an arranged marriage? We are total opposites when it comes to personalities, education, background and yet have been married for 10 years. Like any typically arranged marriage setting, our profiles were exchanged through common relatives. Our common relative was a senior lady, old enough to …

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Lady on Facebook

Nostalgia – first crush

It was a typical busy, dull day at office The familiar ping on the phone made me look at the screen, An FB friend request from a long lost friend blinked on the screen A familiar rush of happiness surged through me as I saw the name Nostalgia consumed me and the countless happy memories …

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Crying lady

Love’s labour lost

It was a Sunday. I got a call at around 6 in the morning, informing me about a car crash on the Express Highway. The lone occupant, a khaki clad man had succumbed to his injuries. I went numb with grief! Rajat had died, I had to go see him. I quickly got ready. By …

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