Praajakta Kulkarni

Prajakta Kulkarni is a working professional, but more importantly, a mother of two. None of her qualifications and experiences come handy when she deals with her little ones. Having said that, she has a Master's degree in Public and Personnel Management. There are lot of situations that are uncontrollable and instead of fretting, she prefers to write them down.

Diary of a Mom

From the diary of a mom!

AT 7:30 AM – As I ran hastily to drop my son off to school, little did I notice that I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes! I ran like a superman and imagined myself of having a red scarf tied near my neck but no, I wasn’t wearing the undergarments on my pants …

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woman in hospital bed

Pun intended

Image credit I was on a stretcher being taken to an ICU post my surgery. The narcotics affect was reluctant to leave my body making me feel very dizzy. The doctors were trying to bring me to the reality by continuously tapping on my cheeks and asking me to wake up. I remember faintly that …

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