Rachana Chakraborty

A professor by profession a placid dreamer with romantic perceptions, tranquil natured, and overall a naughty mother of two ravishing daughters.

Depression in marriage

The Grey Shade of Marriage

(As told by my school friend….names changed for privacy) I met my school friend after two decades…But was horrified to see her totally changed. Geeta was an all-rounder during school days, full of life, jovial, and a complete capsule of positivity. But now she came across as completely dejected. Actually the dark circles under her …

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baby with mom

My angels

A new look incurred to my being When I got to be known by my doing I was adorned praised and admired When you dominated my being I know not how to thank you my angels As you came and I got to be known as MA…. With a new zeal for this life I …

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chicken biryani

Chef and his crazy chicken

Image credit Cooking had always delighted me from a very long time, as a damsel too I had the craze to cook .But my marriage brought me to a family of foodies where not only all the female members but also all the male members were fantastic cooks. My kitchen was always dominated with the …

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couple looking out together

He never says; he never shows

He never says, he never shows, He never said those three golden words.. But still his love for me is divine . I never can stop craving for it. He hides his love….but still I see, He hides his feelings….but still I sense, He hides his emotions….but still I feel, Can he ever understand…  His …

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pure love

Can I fall in love?

Love cannot be just confined to the teenagers, nor it can be kept for the singles. It is a delicate shower of rain that can fall on you anytime and drench you completely in it. I really don’t know why people are appalled to know that a married woman is madly in love with someone. …

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