Ruchita Dar Shah

Ruchita is an ex-advertising professional, graphic designer, and mom of two. She studied in St. Xaviers College, Mumbai before graduating in Graphic Designing from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Ever since, she has worked with advertising agencies such as Vyas Giannetti Creative, RK Swamy BBDO, and Mudra on various Indian and international brands. After quitting her job to look after her sons, Ruchita started a small group on Facebook for her friends who were also new mothers like her, to connect with each other over similar experiences and help and comfort one another. Much to her pleasant surprise, the group organically multiplied to today having over 2 Lakh Indian moms across 100 countries on the community since it was first made in 2010. She is now most popularly known as the Admin and Chief Mommy Officer of First Moms Club with an active and vibrant network of Indian moms across the globe present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and it's own website Ruchita and First Moms Club believe that only a happy mother can raise happy children, and the community on all its different platforms strives to offer support to the woman behind the mother, who needs to take care of herself, to make the early stages of parenting and childhood enjoyable and enriching for both mother and child.

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