Saurabh Paul

Saurabh Paul loves reading classics and auto-biographies and occasionally likes sharing his experience in words. He has written for Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul, The Times of India, I-mantra and other newspapers and journals.

वो मुझे मारता था और फिर माफ़ी मांगता था–मैं इस चक्र में फंस गई थी

(जैसा सौरभ पल को बताया गया) मैं उस छवि से प्यार कर बैठी जो उसने मुझे दिखाई ये सब शुरू हुआ था कॉलेज के एक साधारण से क्रश से जब दो लोग एक दुसरे को चुपके चुपके निहारते है और एक दूसरे के बारे में सोचते अपना पूरा दिन भी निकाल देते हैं. उन दिनों …

वो मुझे मारता था और फिर माफ़ी मांगता था–मैं इस चक्र में फंस गई थी Read More »

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Sisters fight

The Sisters

“Your love has spoilt our only daughter Tina!” Mrs. Gupta often used to shout at her husband. “She will always be the cynosure of my eye,” Mr. Gupta would reply every time. Tina was her father’s indulged daughter; everyone knew that: all in the family, her acquaintances. Why not? She was the only daughter of …

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Standing tall

We both accounted for a mere five feet and a few inches: but that is where the resemblance ended. He was sharp, confident while I was shy. He stood tall even in his short stature while I found my diminutive build menacing. And today, he has climbed the professional and social ladder quite quickly; and …

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burkha clad girl

Burkha – a fictional story

Image credit Circa 2010, Shastrinagar, Uttar Pradesh…. The event that sparked off violence in this small town was an irresponsible mischief, or more probably an act willfully committed to incite communal unrest. The carcass of a cow, apparently slaughtered for consumption, was awfully discovered outside the oldest temple in the town by one of its …

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teddy bear

She is elated when I am happy

I love reading- she is much better avoiding it, unless it cannot be helped. She loves travelling –I am not too much of a ‘travel-fan’ as I feel it drains me of my depleted weekend-energy after a hectic week. I love sports, she appreciates music more. She loves shopping- I almost freak out at such …

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