Swapna Eleswarapu

Swapna Eleswarapu has been running her virtual red pen through other people\'s deeply thought-out prose for over 12 years now, with barely hidden glee. Brevity may or may not be the soul of wit, she says, but it\'s what makes her tick. As a freelance editor she revels in being able to read just about anything under the sun, especially subjects she wouldn\'t have dreamt of left to her own devices. When not reading at 400 words per minute, or trying to keep abreast of her social handles, she\'s weaving, sewing, crocheting or taking pictures of her cats.

Hrithik Sussane Photo

Shedding the extra load

Don’t add to the pain of a breakup by losing your dignity. Sussanne Khan shows the way by being around Hrithik before the release of his film Kaabil and going all out to promote his film

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