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I am a woman who is always asking 'why'. I sometimes hate, sometimes love life!

Bearded boyfriend

The Problems Of Having A Bearded Boyfriend

Your boyfriend looks like a 3-year-old version of himself sans beard, but the beard is giving you a beard of rashes and cuts. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the only problem women face while dating a mustachioed man. Let’s talk about a few of the problems women face while dating Hagrid! Okay, not the best example. Think more along the lines of Jason Momoa.

Romantic on phone

How To Be Romantic On Phone – 15 Tips To Get That Right

After dating for years, your conversations might get a tad boring. To the point where you might fall asleep on the phone with each other, but not in a cute way. If you don’t want your conversations feeling like a chore instead of the romantic quests they should be, we’ve got you covered with the following 15 tips

Crazy Wife

Crazy Wife? 5 Signs And 9 Ways To Deal With Her

‘Crazy’ isn’t a term to throw around loosely. Wondering how you can deal with a controlling wife? Before we get to that you’ve got to figure out if she deserves this tag of “crazy wife” you might have unjustly given her.