How to be awesome individually and in a relationship as well! Tried and tested. Trust me.


Modern day romantic relationships are no more about giving up stuff for each other or making big sacrifices and compromises. It’s about two awesome personalities coming together and achieving their dreams together!

For instance, Beardo and I knew, getting together will only help us accomplish something big. We always motivate each other to come up with new ideas. Our educational and professional backgrounds play a a big role here. Both of us are from advertising and marketing backgrounds, I work as a strategist, brand consultant and Beardo is a writer.

So how can a relationship allow you in achieving your dreams and more importantly help you grow into a better human being.

1. Open a dialogue – 

This is a not a solution, these are the words to live by when you are in a relationship. from solving a serious problem to expressing a quality which you don’t appreciate in your partner, from a small argument to debating over a financial crisis, you have to keep it open! This is the person with whom you will be spending your life, so not talking is not an option. It always helps! Healthy discussions can lead to great conversations which you will cherish for a long time! Trust me!

2. Say no to ego!

Most of the couples I know shy away from taking the first step to put an end to the fight. In such a situation, never pamper your ego, never! Because there should be no room for ego in your relationship. And that’s necessary! Does it really matter as to who talks first? Think about it! It’s your partner, the only person in front of whom you can be as vulnerable as you want. Not judging. You can be weak, needy and throw tantrums occasionally and your partner will understand it. This is the basis of a strong romantic relationship.

3. Motivate each other as much as you can –

It might sound bookish, but just imagine, your smallest achievements makes your partner happy and it’a a big deal for her/him. Won’t you feel motivated? Beardo and I share our work with each other for feedback. I trust his inputs more than mine. So whenever, he gives me a professional compliment, I feel on the top of the world.It’s really an amazing feeling. Sometimes, that’s all you need to hear!

4. Talk about weaknesses too BTW –

Critical opinions given by a partner is a positive thing but you have to take it in that spirit. Look at it in this way, your partner knows your strengths and weakness really well, so if he/she is suggesting something, there is still a scope for improvement. Then why not attempt? At the same time, don’t be too critical because your words can really work negatively and get the moral down. You have to draw a line and give your opinions!

5. Think of a dream which is only yours and work towards achieving it –

Everyone is busy, everyone is engrossed in their professional lives, deadlines, job-lists, etc. But do try to create something that is exclusively yours. It should belong to both of you and work towards it. It can anything – a dream house, a business idea, NGO plan,a blog, a travel plan, it can be anything under the sun. But exclusively yours! You will see how both of you bond in a very different way and how it helps you in your relationship. For us it is thinking about business ideas. We must have thought about 100+ business ideas. This blog is also a result of that. It gave us a chance to work with each other. We brainstorm, discuss, debate, make notes, dump them, again make notes, write on our whiteboards, take inspirational walks, keep sending stuff to each other and all this has helped us in our relationship so much. We have a purpose, together we stand for something and work towards it every single day!< All I am saying is, gone are the days when couples get together to complete their household chores, pay bills, look after kids, retire and take a world tour together! Today, couples are so much more than that. Your relationship can become stronger if you have a common dream. Togetherness is bliss if directed well! 🙂


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