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Bachke rehna re Baba! How to tell your male BFF that he’s dating a mean girl

What if your BFF is a guy and the girl he's dating is a meanie? How should you tell him and will he even believe you?

Watch out for the mean girl

Try telling a guy that his girlfriend is not good and he will start thinking that you have feelings for him. They are tuned that way; they feel that they are such a catch, especially the ones who have already blown a maiden over. Unless of course, you have already established that you are only into girls. Then the equation changes and the guy teases you for falling for his girl; teases you, doesn’t take it seriously.

It is better to be friends with gay guys if you want to avoid so much drama. I don’t want to be sexist, but gay guys are the best ever friends a girl can ask for: you have common interests and generally no clash. I mean, what can be worse than a cisgender straight man in this age and time?

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  1. I do remember telling my bestie who happens to be a guy to just end the relation. I told him this however, after taking a lot of time. Once the rough patch got intensified between them, I did tell him, and without taking it in any other sense, he understood my concern and soon enough, he was out of the unhappy relationship.

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