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Baffled if its love or compulsion

Love is an exquisite feeling , supposedly . The reason why I mentioned the term supposedly is because this belief is widely instilled in us strongly, it is entrenched very much in our society just like any other culture. ‘Love culture’ as I would like to call it. This has become a pop culture and people are intentionally or by chance misusing the term and eventually misleading people.

Psychologists are largely of the view that love is never selfless , it usually has a hidden motive behind it thus paving the way for discovering it. The question is if its not selfless or rather involves a ploy why even call it love. The reference to this word is losing its gravity that it contains. The immense depth of the word and its interpretation is crucial to figure out if its love or no. Media has a great role to play in shaping our perceptions. The magical moments and la- la moments followed by a smooth journey with no barriers is generally portrayed . The media’s stance has changed in the recent times essaying the dilemma and rough patches throughout the journey. However, the intensity with which it is essayed is far less than the intensity with which it happens in reality. In reality, situations become far more worse. Conflicts become unmanageable, the tough times keep gaining momentum and the velocity keeps squaring each time. Believe it or not, things seldom remain the same. The real examination begins later. Nascent stage passes in a fraction of second . Hence what remains is breathlessness, distress and emotional instability.

So, love it or not, its not love. Feelings can be many and varied but can’t be referred to as love. Love is more than just a feeling. To decode the meaning is essential to boil down the essence of every relationship. Being in love is rare reality. Its bizarre how falling in love has become widespread without people actually realizing that its just an unconscious instinct. The desire to fall in love is understood to be being in love but there is a huge difference between the two. The sooner we realize the difference the easier it becomes. Love is not as lucid as it seems. Unfolding the layers seems impossible.

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