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Be true to yourself

I cannot understand people who show one face to the world outside and and are entirely different when  alone.Why do they do that and what do they achieve by being so ? And sometimes I wonder what stress they must be going through to just keep up the facade of being what they are not in public and never knowing when they can slip up .I know a person like this and everytime I see her in action I wonder what drives her ? What makes her tick? Why this compulsion that people should only see the good side of yours and perfect in your dealings with the family as well as everyone?Its not possible to be good only , so the hypocrisy that I can see in her dealings makes me want to shake her !!!

We all are humans and fallible. It is alright to show your vulnerable and not so correct side to the world, nobody is sitting here to judge you ….but being judgmental goes with the territory when you are so correct yourself and you pride on being right everytime !

Wish people would be more genuine and show their real self to the world.

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