Struggles and Scars

Beaten and punished for loving an older woman

Srinath Girish narrates a heart wrenching tale of a love that is taboo, and a heinous case of moral policing


Whatever you say about it, there is one thing about practicing law. Each day puts you in contact with new scenarios and different equations. I feel that this is what has kept me hooked my job.

But it is not as though I am always able to sit in my office and dole out timely advice and prescribe prudent courses of action to anyone with a problem. On the contrary, there have been several times when all my legal training, all my experience picked up along the way, has been absolutely useless – when I could only listen helplessly as someone poured out his woes to me.

Padmanabhan was one such person.

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She lost her husband and society decided to punish her by getting her married to her brother-in-law!

Do we live in a society under a shroud thicker than a burkha?

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