Beauty and the Beast – a love story

Beauty and the beast

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A paragon of beauty, Tania Mukherjee could sweep off anybody’s feet with her charms. Her lake-deep eyes, her beautiful black hair cascading down up to her knee and her angelic complexion was the talk of the town. A parade of dreams was sheltered in those beautiful eyes, and one such was to get married to a tall, dark, handsome man who would be sufficiently rich and would possess a heart full of love. One could visualize Tania ‘s husband like a Bollywood hero, who would be flawlessly handsome.

Added to her beauty, she was one of those fortunate to blessed with a brain too. But her academic talents didn’t get much chance to bloom because they were nipped by her parents whose love for their daughter was driven by one sole mission – and that was of getting their daughter married to an eligible boy who could keep their daughter happy. They thought that graduation was good enough a degree for displaying their daughter in the matrimonial market. And that’s it! Soon after her graduation, all the matrimonial advertisements in the newspaper got a new status in the Mukherjee household.

Tania Di’s good looks and a good enough degree didn’t make it much difficult for the Mukherjees to get many alliances.In fact, proposals poured in and they became quite busy sorting out the alliances according to their preferences. Ironically, Tania was hardly consulted in this matter and they exactly knew what would be the best for their daughter. Tania herself preferred to remain quiet and probably to maintain her good- girl image she remained submissive.

Anyway finally, they zeroed on a boy who was sufficiently rich, decent, belonged to a good and prosperous family, in short, he was everything one could desire of. Those days, most girls like Tania didn’t have much say in a typical arranged marriage. Tania didn’t really see him but the marriage was somewhat fixed. It was only a couple of days before their engagement, that she happened to find her way to see him.

O no! Tania couldn’t hold back her tears. This was not what she dreamt of! All her dreams of walking hand in hand with a tall dark handsome were shattered. A man of five feet with scars on his face and a protruding belly was going to be her husband!

Tania was utterly depressed, but none in the family paid any heed, as they thought looks didn’t matter. So Tania had to bite the bullet. She half-heartedly married this man, still unsure whether she would be able to overcome her disappointments or not.Whoever was present at the wedding left the party only feeling sorry for her because the match didn’t look anything better than that of the Beauty and the Beast.

Today, 15 years have passed and Tania, mother of two lovely kids, reigns in her house like a queen and is abundantly pampered by her husband. She too is head over heels in love with him.Now everyone adores them as a couple as they have really set an example: that external beauty is just superficial, it truly doesn’t matter. All that matters in a marriage is respect and love for each other.


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  1. Shobha Mahapatra

    That’s true, our appearance at times becomes biggest barrier in knowing each other. But like they say, you don’t fall in love with the cover of a book, you fall in love with the content inside. 🙂

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