How I become emotionally independent after I left my job

independant woman

Leaving a full time job means leaving the financial independence but for me it additionally meant loss of emotional support. One year ago, when I decided to leave my full time MNC job to spend time with my daughter and family, I never knew that the toughest time of my life is looking forward to me. I used to be certain that I will have some problems in monetary independence and was ready for it. Life had plans to teach me how to be emotionally independent.

I had 8 years of expertise in MNC and notice period soon came to end. It was last day of my job – 10th June 2016, I left the corporate world with significant heart – It felt like leaving home. No-one forced me to leave, it was totally my decision and still I was heartbroken. I wanted someone to hug me and say, “Its ok, I will always be there for you “but the truth was completely different. My husband didn’t talk to me properly for next 15 days and my close one pushed me to hitch back. Ah! After I would like showing emotion support and hug to mention I support your call – nobody was really there on behalf of me. And then I realised that I need to be emotionally strong myself as I left my job to make my daughter happy. I took the decision of leaving job because of multiple reasons. One of the strongest reasons being – I have heard people complaining that our parents gave us lot of money but they didn’t have time for us. Of course, the sole person happy for me to leave my job was my 3 year old daughter.

For few months, I regretted my call, my life but was also keen to learn and explore more about my passion – Reiki Healing and Tarot Card Reading. Learning the actual fact the society solely desires the sure cycle to follow – Study – Get Job – hook up with – Have children – save money for them & then on. Deep inside my heart I was sure that I was not born only to follow the society rules. Being the firm believer in Reiki Healing, I healed myself again and again to overcome the emotional hurt and it worked miracle. I learned to enjoy my own company and be myself. And with the help of my Reiki Teachers, I become complete in myself. Now I am not depended on anyone emotionally.

Now, whenever I step out with my daughter to dance in rain, to go to swings in park or doing just whatever she enjoys; I feel elated and blessed. I engaged myself to play and have good time with my girl – like painting, dancing, listening music and DVD on her education. I found my happiness in her like each mother will. I cut down my expenses and managed finance very carefully. Being right down to earth and introvert, I never enjoyed shopping. So this helped me during this crucial time. With passage of time, I am glad that husband and family finally understand my decision of leaving job. I appreciate that my husband has always provided me enough space to do whatever I want to.

My husband now says, “I have seen a drastic change in my daughter since you have started spending time with her.” He understands that increasing society status is important but more important than that is to raise kids effectively.

He understands that Reiki is my passion therefore continuously permit me to go out to be told or follow Reiki session. He feared that if i leave job i’ll continuously be relied on him for everything however instead I worked with my savings.And we both now provide each other equal space and acceptance to continue whatever we wish to.

I am currently active as Reiki expert and card Reader. I frequently apply differing kinds of meditation and Reiki healing. And as I practice Reiki on clients – I receive similar complaints of parents not spending enough time but provided more than enough money.

With my story, I solely wish to share learning – believe your call and yourself. Life is supposed to be relish, love and being happy. Also, ladies even if you opt not to work please don’t be depended on anyone for every little things. No matter what you choose, simply be happy in this and leave the damn thought, “log Kya kehenge”.


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