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Being grandparents


I am a freshly minted grandmother ….though for the fourth time now! But , every time I become a grandmother the happiness is just the same as it was the first time around; the anxious wait at the time of the delivery at the hospital, the joy of seeing your grandchild for the first time , recording the time of birth, the checking and rechecking of little fingers and toes and walking proudly with the nurse holding the baby to the Nursery of the hospital.

What is about the grandchildren that makes us grandparents so happy, besides they being our progeny’s children?

Is it because,now, we have the time and leisure to enjoy the babies and their growing up years ? Just to look at them makes one smile with happiness…and the fun fact that if they do pee-pee or poo-poo , we just have to hand them over to the parent concerned and take  back a heavenly smelling baby to cuddle and hold again?

The main responsibility of looking after the baby is not ours , which is no doubt an added benefit ; we are there to supervise and help with the tasks when needed . Oh the bliss!!  If the baby starts crying , just look at the parent to do something rather than rushing ourselves either to feed or to change the soiled diaper ! Looking back , when we see our children doing all these tasks , one dimly remembers doing them too …..but now they are misted over by a layer of years gone by ….and wondering how we coped with it all !

I love being with my grandchildren…. all in various stages of growing years ….and love it more that when they get tiresome I can just hand them over to their respective parents without a shred of guilt and waving our goodbyes happily.

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  1. Grandparents are the true guardian angels! They always let you have candies when parents won’t. 😀 I miss mine after reading this. 🙁

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