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Being happy in wedlock

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“Happily married ever after that” is a myth .It takes a lot of consistent efforts and patience for a marriage to be rocking .I believe definitely there are no such protocols for a happy married life, as each individual and wedding are distinct in their own defined ways .Below are few lessons learnt from my experience to enjoy this rollercoaster ride to fullest with your soulmate.

1. Love is in million of small things: It’s never a single big thing.  It lies in small gestures and little actions. I am a night owl and he is a early bird. Each night he always wait to catch up me . We share how was our respective days were and  ,we would never sleep without wishing a good night to each other .Do not hesitate to do any little maneuver which you know would make your spouse happy .Just perform and watch how good you both feel.

2. Intimacy: After marriage “We are two souls in one body” (Officially!).Romance. Establish the bond.Connect.Travel, Eat, laugh and Pray together. Talk openly and listen intentively.Be that friend who backs up when one feels low and help each other to evolve as a better person. Be intimate and at the same time have that personal space and hobby which you enjoy for just yourself. A gentle touch, a decent display of love in public at times goes a long way to keep the spark alive. Utter the magic word “I love you” when you really mean it .

3. Respect: Treat well. Ask opinions when taking decisions; involve and work as a team. Never belittle your spouse in a gathering even for a joke .Respect your spouse’s family, extended family and friends.TRY genuinely to have a sound relationship with everyone .This may help to EARN respect from others and from your partner as well.

4. Resolve any conflict and then sleep: This may sound unrealistic when quarrels are ugly and intense. Do not hesitate to be first to reconcile even if you are right and ask sorry if you feel you are wrong .Never let the inner child in you to die( because of ego )which always wants to connect and be happy. Do not pile up hurt feelings .Vent it out politely.Communicate.Do not let your better half feel un-listened or un-cared. Know them wholly. FIGHT but sort out ASAP.

To enjoy this marital bliss, we must be able to love and accept ourselves fully first .Be content and love each other for who really they are and not for what we want from each other .Understanding, trust,respect, acceptance, compromise, honesty, loyalty, adjustment, patience and never give up on each other attitude will go a long way in living a satisfied married life 

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