Being married is annoying someone special for life

married couple

Another slinging match began between us.

Hubby said, ” You are so careless. How could you lose your Credit card?”

” Remember when you left your bag with our passports and cash and travelers cheques at the airport’, I retorted.

My reminiscence list was very long and we were both seething with anger. I went back to Facebook and Whats App and he continued watching the  news at full volume.

“Can you lower the volume a bit?”, I asked him with icy cold politeness. He was too engrossed to answer . He is deep into shares trading & he was in whether he was losing money or making money.

Finally I grabbed the remote and I switched to MTV channel.

“It’s so difficult to live with you , ” he said.

“Ditto, ” I sulked.

The day he enjoys his dinner I barely peck at food citing many reasons for example, not being well . Of course I don’t tell him that I had dug my teeth into a succulent juicy burger when I was out with my friends in the evening. And the day he hates the food I enjoy the Dal /Matar Paneer etc. Our food choices don’t match either.

We agree to disagree or we disagree to agree which ever sounds worse.

Married for near four decades, we have gone through my insomnia; his diabetes; the demise of some teeth; cellulite; aches and pains; receding hair lines; trying to love each other’s families; raising of two children but it’s not been easy but sometimes it’s been a cake walk.

I remember reading a Somerset Maugham story where a British woman married to a Chinese man would incessantly complain about him to the consulate in Hongkong. Finally the irate consul asked her, ” Why are staying with him ?” And she said , “I love the way his hair grew from his nose.”

That is my life story.

I might complain incessantly but he is like a  habit – good and bad both.  I can’t do without him. He can be distasteful  yet  he is the cream in my coffee and the salt in my soup.


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