Being traditional, is it being regressive or upholding our culture & values?

Indian Bride

I am a 26 year old woman, born & brought up in Delhi to a Punjabi father & a Kumaoni pahari brahmin mother. Both my parents are doctors. My husband is a thorough south Bombay man born to Punjabi parents & raised in a rich industrialist family. I love wearing sarees & matching accessories. I wear them regularly. I love flaunting my mangalsutra. I also put sindhoor in my forehead daily. I have been wearing anklets & a nosering since last 8 years or so. I am currently pregnant. Before my pregnancy, I worked in an advertising agency at a respectable designation. Some friends from my husband’s & my mother-in-law’s social circle make fun of me for my love for wearing sarees & matching accessories. They think I am too regressive & call me a dehati (illiterate woman). They think that I am heavily influenced by Indian television shows. Ironically, I hate Indian television shows & have never watched them. I, sometimes feel that I am a misfit in my husband’s life & social life. He has never asked me to change myself. He has always supported me. But somewhere deep down, I wonder if I am embarassing him in his social circles? This thought comes to my mind because I see other women dressed either in western attire or modern styled salwar kameez.They also wear less accessories compared to me.Fortunately, none of them have made fun of me. They respect me & most importantly they always appreciate my dressing & fashion sense. But somewhere deep in my heart, I fear what if they are making fun of me behind my back?A small part of me wants to change. But my heart is completely against it. I am an individual, I have my own personality. Why should I change myself when I am not doing anything wrong?Besides, I am an Indian woman. I am proud to be an Indian woman. Tomorrow, I would expect the same from my children, I would expect them not only to respect me for my thoughts but respect our culture as well.I sometimes feel in our bid to become modern, have we shunned our culture & values or are they really regressive?

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November 23, 2017 - 2:25 pm

Very nicely written – needed for today’s generation !
If wearing shorts is a choice then wearing Burqa/Saree/Hijab/Salwar suit can also be a choice. …we must not be judged by our attire

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