Married Life

Our beloved’s hands…how well we know them

happy couple holding hands

The exact way the veins stand out or settle in…you have touched them in dark too often to not know

couple holding hands
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The way they hold a pen to sign, their forefinger extending a tad bit more than usual,

Or they way they open a jar you can’t, push open a stuck door or decorate the toppings neatly on the pizza

Or the way their hands move in gestures, subconsciously when you know they are expressing something important.

married life

Or the way the watch sits on their wrists, as if they own time

Or the way they tap on the table as the music plays on the background

Or the way they grip yours during salsa, or jive or while simply trying to cross a busy street

Or the cool of them on your forehead checking whether you need that dose of Crocin

They might be the only person in the world, you could recognise by their hands alone.


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