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Belt it out

sexual fantasy with belt

After many years she noticed that he had started getting erectile dysfunction. He was aging. But he was also still active, young, febrile, and creative in his mind, experimenting, trying to discover ways of overcoming it. Trying to find ways of pleasing her. He sparked her interest with a startling, innovative suggestion. He asked, “Can I belt you?”. “Yes”, she said, “just to find out what it feels like”. She was lying nude in bed. He took his Raymonds off and belted her on her hinterlands. Thwack thwack thwack thwack thadak thadak thadak thadaaaak….

Oh oh oh oh owwww owwwww owwwwwwooo, she screamed, helpless at the onslaught.

To her surprise, her nether regions started to swim in its own love juices, in the midst of the pain. Then he entered her from behind. It was evident that it had helped him too.

She heard him ask, at her back, ‘say f*** me Master.’

She said it without any hesitation.

Say ‘harder.’

‘Oh.’ ‘Harder.’

‘You are my sex slave.’

She giggled

‘Yes. Yes. F*** me master.’

‘I can do whatever I want with you.’

She giggled harder.

‘Yes please f*** me master.’

‘Sell you?

‘No. Please. Go on.’

‘Give you off to others, while I f*** others?’ ‘

‘Nooooooo. Nevvvvvver’

He was on fire now, finally, was going, could go, went, on and on. And on. She felt happy after a long time. She wanted more of the belt if it could make him virile and her feel like this, again, more often.

“Next time you can do this to me”, he said.

She felt excited.

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