My Best Friend Flirts With My Husband And He Hates It

husband upset about flirting

My best friend flirts with my husband. I have noticed that on a few occasions. But I felt it was all in good humour and never took it seriously. 

My Best Friend Flirts With My Husband

My BFF keeps hitting on my husband. But I am cool with it and I felt that my husband is so irresistible that she couldn’t stop flirting with him. “If only I had a man like you in my life…” is a phrase she often uses. I didn’t find this alarming but my husband told me he feels uncomfortable and hates her behaviour.

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My friend hits on my husband

Best Friend Flirts With My Husband
I don’t feel alarmed when my best friend flirts with my husband

Yes she often uses sexual innuendos to talk to him. But everything she does, it’s always in front of me. She is a good natured person and has a great sense of humour. She is my best friend and I know she means no harm. She just harmlessly flirts with my husband for sheer pleasure. 

The dinner incident

She took the two of us to dinner a few days back to a lovely restaurant. The whole time she kept talking about how lucky I was to have him and how she loved his eyes. She even asked him if he had a brother she could marry. She asked me directly, how was my husband in bed? To which I laughed but my husband was somber. He didn’t like her question at all. He felt she was crossing the line.

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My husband feels that I don’t know how to tell a girl to back off from him nicely. I am not doing anything to ensure she doesn’t flirt with him.

My husband is terribly upset

My husband hates the fact that my best friend flirts with him. He has asked me to end my relationship with her because she makes him feel uncomfortable. 

I like her and I know that this will not really go anywhere. There’s nothing to get so serious about it. My husband and I are very close and we are also like best friends. But I can’t understand why he is reacting so seriously to harmless flirting. 

Or has he spotted something odd? Should I be worried? But what to say to a woman who flirts with my husband but is also my best friend? 

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Dear Lady,

Should you be worried? That’s something you need to ask yourself. Because what should you be worried about is probably the bigger question. I’ll tell you why.

It’s uncomfortable if your best friend flirts with your husband

This is a scenario which is clearly uncomfortable for both of you for different reasons. Your husband is clearly uncomfortable with your friend’s flirting but you like her and don’t wish to end the relationship.

The options you have

Even though, you’re pretty sure it’s not going anywhere, here’s what it is.

  • A. Your husband doesn’t want to meet her but you do
  • B. Communicate your fondness for your friend and may be meet her as your friend, but separately. Your husband doesn’t need to be friends with your friend
  • C. Accept and respect your husband’s discomfort. He’s clearly mentioned his displeasure
  • D. Your amazing relationship with your husband can be independent of your best friend
  • E. If ABCD isn’t a possibility, then you’ll obviously need to prioritise between the two – your hubby and the bestie. You have to make a choice

Hope this brings clarity

Snigdha Mishra 

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