Best friends for life is Marriage

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Marriage for me is not just two human beings becoming one soul. Rather I believe if u really want your marriage to be filled with love and long lasting.. There are basic things we need to follow in our relationship rather than making it complex affair..and keep on saying Marriage.. OMG..

TRUST – Trusting your life partner is the most important in relation.  Give him his own pace.  Marriage doesn’t mean he is full time slave. Trust him.

FRIEND –  Live like a relation of Friend rather than Husband wife. Friends relation last longer compared to any other relation.  So be best friends forever.

Freedom,  Respect n Care – Whether men or women everyone love their freedom. Marriage does not mean end to freedom.  Give your partner freedom, respect his feelings or decision. Moreover care for him and his near ones. 

BE PHYSICAL – For me being physical is not about Sex.  Being physical means have fight with him like DANGAL. Decide who is the winner n give award for it.  Go for walk together.. Gym together. In this way you can spend quality time.

SHARE – I feel rather than making calls again n again or whatsapp.. Hey honey.. What’s up.  It’s much better to spend time together  at the end of the day… Share your thoughts whether positive or negative during the day.

Husband and wife relationship demand commitment n responsibility. But just by changing from husband and wife relation to Best Friends many problems are resolved. Friendship last longer than any other relation.

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  1. Friendship is the moral essence of any good partnership. That is true. And I also feel we are more forgiving of our friends than our spouses. That is why friendships last while relationships flounder. There is something to learn from there

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