12 best gift ideas for your woman

by Team Bonobology
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When they told you shopping for women is no child’s play they were right! You need to consider a lot of things before you buy a gift for her. What does she want? What doesn’t she already have? What colour does she want? Does she prefer books and chocolates over perfume and shoes? What is she allergic to? And the list goes on!

But we are here to make your task easier. If you are looking for gifting ideas that will make any woman happy, then this list is going to be your lifesaver.

1. For the coffee lover: Espresso machine

If she swears by coffee then gifting an Espresso machine is the perfect choice for you. Make sure the machine can brew a good variety of coffee before making the purchase.

She already has an espresso machine? Gift the latest upgrade!

2. For the fitness bee: Wearable activity tracker

Whether she is into yoga or gym, whether she runs or spins, gifting a wearable activity tracker makes any active woman happy. The trackers come with Wi-Fi and can be easily synched to her phone. It helps her keeping track of the calories burned, number of steps walked, steps climbed and other fitness related personal metrics.

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3. For the pet owner: Wi-Fi pet cameras

If she has a pet at home then you can gift a Wi-Fi enabled pet camera. It’s not just a thoughtful gift, but you are also reducing her stress when she is out at work and worrying over whether her pet is doing okay. Through the pet camera she can watch and talk to her pets when not at home.

4. For the travel junkie: Polaroid camera

If she likes to travel and has a knack for photography then gifting a Polaroid camera is most appropriate. It’s cooler than a digital camera, you can get it in cute colours and Polaroid pictures are back in vogue!

5. For the fashionista (in general): Shades

Every girl needs a pair of fun shades and no girl can ever have enough of them! Just keep in mind the shape of her face and complexion before ordering one online. If you have doubts regarding what to buy, you can also take her out to let her try them out and choose for herself.

6. For the fashionista who likes to accessorize: Ear crawler earring

She is probably has a lot of accessories in her possession already, this is why you should gift an Ear crawler. It’s same as earrings, but cooler and trendier. And of course, one can never have enough of them.

7. For the fashionista who likes to do skincare: Gift basket

If she is a fashionista who pays more attention to her skin care than clothes and makeup then give her a gift basket from well-known luxury brands and trust us she will love it. This is our personal favourite.

8. For the wine lover: Wine cooler

If she is a wine aficionado then go for a stylish wine cooler. For more brownie points add one or two of her favourite wines to go with it.

9. For the bookworm: Kindle

If she is a book lover she will definitely love a Kindle. But if she already has one, upgrade! Or you could get her a list of her favourite kindle books.

10. For the one who likes to stand out: Body Mist

Perfumes are nice, but a Body Mist is elegant. They are gentle, refreshing and super delicate body sprays that she will love.

11. For the one who loves to play hostess: Home decor items

It could be a nicely scented candle, reed diffuser, antique showpiece, wall art piece etc. to make the home entertainer happy.

12. For the one who has everything: Mini hair straightener

If your girl has already got everything then you can give her a mini hair straightener and be assured that she will like the miniature magic maker for her tresses. Is she has that, go for a hair curler.

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Do you find this list of gifting ideas for women helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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