40 Best Opening Lines For Online Dating

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Updated On: February 22, 2024
Opening Lines For Online Dating

“Hello…is it me you’re looking for?” If you think that’s the best opening line for online dating, we are here to help! Whether you’ve recently entered the dating market or are already a veteran, you will benefit from the 40 best opening lines for online dating that we have collected for you. 

Remember first impressions can make or break your chances with a potential partner. When you meet people in real life, you can rely on prolonged eye contact, shy smiles, or witty banter to show your interest. However, when it comes to using an app to find your soulmate, there’s a lot riding on your opening line. No, we are not urging you to get cheesy or cliched. We are simply telling you it’s time to up your game and make that first message count. 

40 Best Opening Lines For Online Dating

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No matter if you want to be romantic or cheesy, flirty or forward, here are our 40 best opening lines for online dating success:

1. What are your suggestions for some awesome date ideas? Tell me all about it and maybe we can make it happen

Right off the bat, this is the perfect opening line to get stuck in a person’s life story. Plus, it gives a teaser at the end that you may be won over and agree to a first date

2. If your life was a song, what would it be? 

Whether it’s the Rolling Stones or Kanye, even something as basic as a favorite song can tell you so much about a person. A perfect first message to get things started!  

3. Tell me two truths and one lie. I can bet I will know which one is the lie 

This one’s cheeky and cute and very telling. When you ask for ‘two truths and one lie’, there’s an inherent understanding that you actually don’t play games and what one lies about can be a red flag for you. 

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4. If you help me choose what to make for dinner, I will get you breakfast when we meet…

Scrolling through multiple dating profiles can be soul-sapping. When you start chatting with conversation starters such as this, it helps break the ice super fast and create an immediate sense of intimacy. 

Opening Lines For Online Dating

5. I go weak in the knees at the sight of a well-worn passport. What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited? 

Never underestimate the power of leading a full personal life. The more interesting your life is, the more interesting you are to others, and vice versa. Asking someone about what makes them tick is always the perfect opening line. 

6. Hey, tell me your life story. But in emojis. 

A bit of humor never hurt anyone. Plus adding pop culture references and more modern references filters out people not in your preferred age bracket. 

7. What’s your last meal request? From appetizers to desserts, give me all the deets 

Asking for more information as a first move is always positive. This perfect first message also forces your potential match to think out of the box and be creative. 

8. This one’s a deal breaker – pineapple on pizza or not? 

By taking a ‘controversial’ subject and making it your conversation starter on a dating app, you are setting yourself up as a risk taker and someone who cuts to the chase from the beginning. This opening message may sound shallow but is a great way to get to know a person quickly.  

9. Describe yourself using only a cute gif. 

When you ask for cute gifs or casual stuff like theme songs in your Tinder pick-up lines (or whichever other dating platform you use), you automatically create a relaxed atmosphere for your potential match. A good way to get to know a person’s true colors. 

10. If I snuck in and looked at your Netflix queue, what would I see? 

When you ask what’s in a Netflix queue, it’s not only movies and tv shows you are asking about. This opening message on your dating app can reveal whether a person has great taste or not. 

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11. I bet you a hundred bucks that we would have an awesome date. Want to gamble? 

A sense of humor can be a very real aphrodisiac. If you want to attract a potential match, who is on your wavelength, try adding a quirky one-liner as a good opening line. 

12. What’s the worst opening line you’ve received on a dating app? Don’t tell me it’s this one! 

Even the worst opening lines can be a great way to kick-start a conversation. An ace first move in so many ways. 

13. I’m new in town. Any chance of helping me with directions to your home? 

This opening line may sound like the worst for its cheesiness but it’s actually clever and funny and rather endearing

14. Hey, you sound really busy. Can you add me to your must-do list? 

Playing with words and showing off your wit can be one of the most attractive qualities. It would be difficult to ignore an opening message like this and not be intrigued. 

15. I won’t lie, spelling and good grammar is very very impotent to me 

This one acts as a smart filter. If the other person does not get the joke, then you have a fair idea that it may not work out with them. One of the best opening lines for online dating in our book. 

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16. If we started dating, there’s a high chance my mum would be more excited than me 

Taking a dig at your situation is a creative way of lightening the mood. Try adding a personal touch whenever you can. Remember there’s a real person at the other end of the App. Appeal to his or her interests. 

17. I always take the right side of the bed. Hope that won’t be a problem. 

Turn a serious question into a subtle joke. This way you show off your sense of humor and amuse your potential match. Win-win. 

18. Tell me the truth, you borrowed the fur baby in your profile pic, right? Ps: It’s working, I’m in love! 

Referring to another’s dating profile and mentioning what you liked about it is a good way to show you are truly interested and this is not just another casual swipe.

19. What will we tell our kids when they ask about how we met? 

This is a good opening line that is funny and indicates a sense of confidence. The implication of sharing a life together can be very appealing to people looking for a solid, stable connection. 

20. I usually only date 8s, but for you, I’ll make an exception and date a 10. 

This is one of the best opening lines for online dating as it not only implies that you have great taste but also flatters the other person. 

21. Hey, what made you swipe right on me? 

A good conversation can begin with a simple, direct question. Never underestimate the power of outright asking what you want. This will not only build a conversation but it will also help in keeping the conversation going.

22. I can see that you are a person of a few words (hint: your bio doesn’t give much away). Want to do a quick fire round and see if we spark? 

Looking for the best Bumble openers for someone whose profile is lacking in personal detail? If you want to know more about your potential match, conversation starters such as quick-fire rounds can create a comfort level in no time at all. 

23. Want to exchange memes for a few days until we get comfortable enough to chat? 

Use pop culture references and social media trends to get comfortable with each other before moving on to the next stage. This also implies empathy and understanding.

24. Dare I ask – what are your expectations from dating apps? 

If we could give you one piece of online dating advice, it’d be this – before you even go on your first date in real life, it’s worthwhile getting some of the big stuff out of the way. This question will get that conversation rolling. That’s why we’re counting this as one of the all-time best opening lines for online dating. 

25. Night owl or Early lark? Let’s get the important stuff out of the way right off the bat 

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to get to know a person’s habits before you even meet them. In this case, if you can’t think of surfacing before noon, maybe hooking up with an early riser may not be a long-term option. 

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26. I’m a Virgo, is your star sign good with mine? 

Star signs and horoscopes mean a lot to some people. If you believe that compatibility is ruled by the stars to some extent, be upfront about your beliefs.

27. I see that you like to XXXX (add a hobby here). How did you get into it? 

Good conversation involves being interested in the other person. There is nothing more attractive than someone being interested in what you do and like. 

28. Please, please tell me you don’t believe Ross and Rachel were on a break! 

Pop culture references once again create a common ground and help you establish a rapport, which is essential to take the relationship to the next stage. Plus, they were on a break! 

29. What can you talk about for hours without getting bored? 

If you like what they like, things can only get better. And honestly, what better way to find out if you have things in common than right at the beginning? 

30. In five years, I see myself traveling the world. What about you? 

You can make even a serious question non-threatening by referring to a hobby or interest. Pad your questions with softer-sounding inquiries and subtle investigations. 

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31. This is my life in three emojis. Can you guess what I’m all about? 

Three little words but in emoji form. This can be an entertaining way to get to know a person better. 

32. I can watch XXXX (insert favorite movie or tv show here) on repeat. What about you? 

Tapping into common interests or shared passions is by far the easiest way to come up with the best opening line for online dating sites. It also gives you an easy way to take the conversation forward and dive deeper into each other’s lives. 

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33. Did you watch the XXXX (insert here a match, event, or concert)? What did you think about it? 

If you ever wonder what’s the best opening line for online dating, well many believe you can’t go wrong with a direct question. No time wasted and a talking point easily established.

34. A line or quote from your favorite book/movie/song could be the best opening line for online dating sites. 

This shows off your cool quotient and offers a glimpse into your personality as well. Plus, it’s a great way to impress someone with your in-depth knowledge, right? 

35. If I had a million dollars, I would buy a big house where the two of us would live. What are you going to be spending on? 

Shared values are necessary if you want your relationship to last. Ask the questions that give you an insight into what the other person considers important. 

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36. I see that you like XXXX. Want to go visit the new place in town tonight? 

All the smooth Tinder pick-up lines and the best Bumble openers can’t compete with a direct request for a date. Go on, make that first move.

37. Did you always want to be a XXXX? 

There are flirty conversation starters and there are these types of questions that get to the crux of the matter in no time at all. Your choice. 

38. What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory? 

Sharing an embarrassing childhood memory encourages vulnerability and honesty. And while it may be scary to do so, it does help create a solid foundation where there is mutual respect in the relationship, love, and trust.

39. What red flag makes you run in the opposite direction?

Forewarned is forearmed, we say. Anything that makes the dating game less confusing is a good choice for an opening line in our book.  

40. If you were to receive the perfect first message, what would it be? 

If you are looking for the answer to what’s the best opening line for online dating, look no further than this perfect conversation starter. Who could resist this?  

At the end of the day, no matter what opening line you choose for your online dating app, always remember the following:

  • Be honest with your profile but keep a little bit of mystery as well 
  • Do your due diligence and suss out basic information from your potential match
  • Keep an eye out for shared interests and hobbies 
  • A sense of humor is great but remember not everyone may share your sarcasm or jokes. So proceed cautiously
  • Avoid negative comments and complaints. Nothing is more off-putting. 
  • Please, please, please avoid anything overtly sexual. Flirty conversation starters are fine but you do not want to be that creep who thinks a sext is the best way to start a conversation with a potential match 

With all the online dating apps available, it’s difficult to make your mark. This is where your bio and your opening lines make all the difference. There’s no shame in having a plan. So, go ahead, highlight and save your best opening lines and go forth and conquer (hearts). 

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